Name a seat

Help us to refurbish our seats and leave a lasting legacy of your support.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the theatre-goer in your life or want to promote your business in style, why not name a seat at the beautiful Tyne Theatre & Opera House.

Pick the seat you would like from the Stalls or on the Grand Circle. View available seats here: Seat Map.

  • The seat will be refurbished with new back, arm rests and seat cushion
  • A commemorative plaque will be attached to your seat, with an option to add the words “Dedicated to” or “Sponsored by”
  • The plaque will remain on your seat for 10 years
  • Receive a commemorative certificate and an acknowledgement of your support on our website
  • Businesses will be listed as sponsors on our website, where we can also display your company logo and include a link to your homepage


Cost per seat: £150


The seat can be paid in three instalments of £50 online, or in several instalments upon request. Please contact: for more payment options.

  • You can choose between a one-off payment of £150, or three £50 monthly instalments.
  • MasterCard
    Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa


Terms and conditions (seat naming)


Once you have purchased your seat, the donation is non-refundable. The plaque will be installed on your seat after the final payment if you choose to pay in instalments. The seat cannot be changed after the plaque has been installed. We will contact you once we receive a notification of your payment and confirm the details regarding your seat. Please note that seat rows A to D are occasionally removed when we have a large orchestra in – you can still name a seat on rows A to D but your seat will be removed for operas, musicals and other events with an orchestra pit.

Grand H21 James Lloyd
Grand H22 Pat Lloyd
Grand H23 Josie Lloyd Clements
Grand H24 Frank Lloyd
Grand H25 Laura Lloyd
Grand H26 Kirsten Craig
Grand H27 Charles Craig
Grand E33 John Richardson
Grand D21 Mika
Grand A29 Emily Green
Grand A21 Paul Martin
Grand A22 Hazel Rayson
Grand A 23 Alan & Stephanie Butland
Grand A24 Nicky Flynn
Grand A 28 Jill Smith
Grand A17 DP Supplies
Grand C22 Sandra Laidler
Grand B15 Diana Walkden
Grand B29 JJS McNeil
Stalls J15 Brendan Healy
Stalls J8 Sarah Millican
Stalls L3 Don Irving
Stalls K15 John-Paul Stephenson
Stalls D15 Charles “Neil” McMullen
Stalls H16 R. Heiskanen
Stalls G16 Sari and Seppo Salminen & Aslak
Stalls W16 Chris Heatley
Stalls W17 Louise Keers
Stalls G15 Gitta and David Faulkner
Stalls F15 Michael John Bell
Stalls T15 Tyne Audio
Stalls L15 Marian Lane Theatre Dance School
Stalls D16 Meaghan Toole
Stalls K16 Betty Hodcroft
Stalls F16 Barbara Hunter
Stalls E15 Ellen Crossley
Stalls M16 Alan Hoggins
Stalls H12 Helen McBain
Stalls H15 Dave Black
Stalls J16 Jack Dixon
Stalls J26 Lynne Patrick
Stalls L16 Charlie Richmond
Stalls T13 Monty Mellor
Stalls T14 Amy Georgina Robson
Stalls F14 Leanne Gray
Stalls S15 Joe Scurfield
Stalls S16 Stephen Stokoe
Stalls H17 Lauri Niemistö

Stalls C15 Matt Moore
Stalls C16 Gemma Bateman
Stalls C17 Erin Bateman
Stalls C18 Ava May Bateman
Stalls C19 Jenson Alex Bateman
Stalls C22 Gareth & Victoria Johnson
Stalls E14 Andrew Leeming
Stalls T10 Paul Oliver
Stalls D17 Yvonne & Bobby Ramms
Stalls J1 The Johnsons
Stalls N15 Mark & Tracey Dibble
Stalls N16 Martyn Collins
Stalls N17 Joanne Corney
Stalls J17 Eileen Glenton
Stalls J18 Katie Howes
Stalls J9 Chris Ramsey
Stalls J10 Carl Hutchinson
Stalls S16 Stephen Stokoe
Stalls S17 Marie “Adelaide” Denholm
Stalls G17 Alexandra Chan
Stalls G18 Philippa Wiseman
Stalls G19 Rebecca Baty
Stalls G22 Jean Newton
Stalls J19 Melanie King
Stalls K1 Steve Spratt
Stalls K13 David Rawlings
Stalls K14 Caroline Rawlings
Stalls K17 Bea Atkinson
Stalls K18 Tom Render
Stalls K19 Michael Heaton
Stalls K20 John and Anne Havis
Stalls K21 Tom Robertson
Stalls L21 Aaron Whittington
Stalls R16 Jacqueline Duncanson
Stalls P1 Jane Purdon
Stalls P15 Robert Temple – Hypnotica Ltd.
Stalls P16 Angela Alexander
Stalls E16 Barry and Faga Speker Fund at The Community Foundation.